Race to Broad Street for Philly’s Biggest Event

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The Broad Street Run took a hiatus last year given the pandemic, but the nation’s biggest 10-mile race returns this month—and all the excitement is just blocks from your 1500 Locust apartment! The race is typically held each May but this year runners from around the world will converge to compete on a crisp fall Philly day this Oct. 10. While registration for the race is closed, there are plenty of opportunities for spectators to join in the fun.

The event draws 40,000 runners to Philadelphia—itself a sight to see! Runners start the competition in North Philadelphia and race all the way down Broad Street, through the heart of the city, into South Philadelphia and ultimately ending up at the Navy Yard. While fans are discouraged from gathering in large groups at the starting or finish line to cheer runners on this year because of COVID, there will certainly be lots to see right along Broad Street, and it’s all just a quick stroll from your 1500 Locust apartment! The runners will be about halfway through the race by the time they race through our neck of the woods and could certainly use a pick-me-up with some cheers from the locals.

The excitement along the course will be palpable—the event often attracts live performers to entertain the spectators, along with vendors and more. It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of Broad Street shut down to vehicular traffic—while the street is typically clogged with cars, race day allows for locals to appreciate the expansiveness of the avenue.

And, after you take in all the energy on Broad, you can head back to the Rittenhouse area and enjoy brunch at one of the neighborhood’s standout eateries. So you can be a part of the race all without breaking a sweat—and still get to enjoy a fun fall weekend day in the city!  

Broad Street Run

1515 Arch St.

Philadelphia, PA 19102

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